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11 FREE Ways to Add Happiness to Your Life.

1) Be grateful… Have gratitude for all of the big, small, and insignificant things in your everyday life. When you can learn to train your mind and focus on all the positives instead of the negatives it sure makes for a better day.

2) SMILE more!

3) Start everyday with a 8 ounce glass of water and a healthy, filling breakfast. It's something our Moms tried to get us to do everyday when we were little. Starting out the day hungry just won't end well.

4) Switch to tea instead of coffee! Im not saying give up coffee because Lord knows coffee is a very special drink! And there is a time and place for coffee.. maybe before an important meeting, a lazy conversational Sunday with your spouse, or maybe you just NEED it on Tuesday?! But when you can drink tea more often you will see your energy levels even out, mood swings go away, and not to mention all the benefits of antioxidants! I drink green tea with a Meyers Lemon (a sweeter lemon). Adds an awesome flavor!) with a teaspoon of honey… it's amazing!

5) Learn something new everyday… Either by reading, talking with friends, or taking a new class. We need to keep the mind stimulated and challenged!

6) The relationships we have in our lives are special! So tell these people what they mean to you! Sometimes it will even come back to you!

7) Exercise! You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to get your blood moving! Exercise can be as simple as going for a brisk walk. Just move! And it's even better when you can get outside on a beautiful sunny day! Talk about an inspiration!

8) What comes around goes around… ALWAYS

treat people the way YOU want to be treated! And this means EVERYONE not just people that are nice to you.

9) Create goals! The days are here and gone in an instant. Without goals we are just cranking out the days. Goals give us something to shoot for, and something that get us out of bed in the morning! Plan ahead… it's definitely something I am working on myself!

10) Go with the flow! The only thing constant in life is change. Now I'm not saying go with the flow and lose touch with reality... just when things don't go the way you planned make adjustments. I mean really, what can you do?!?! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…

11) OWN IT! Whatever God has given you, WORK IT! Why waste your time hiding things that don't matter! The people you want in your life will accept you for who you are!!!

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