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About Me

It started with a single candle, crafted in my own kitchen. At first, candle making was a way for me to express my creativity and connect with other people. But over time, as I perfected the process and saw that my customers loved these candles as much as I did, it started to mean so much more. Now, it’s a chance for me to imagine a cleaner, more beautiful world—a place where we can think clearly, feel inspired, and live joyfully. Most importantly, it’s a chance to show my kids the value of a thoughtful and creative mindset. I hope that your candle inspires you, too—that its flicker encourages you to act on the things in your heart. Because the more courage we have to live at our best, the better the world will be.

May the flicker of a simple candle be a reminder for you to Shine Bright and to B your best self!

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