About Me

In thinking about what to write about myself, I immediately got bored. Who cares! This is not about me, but rather what WE can do together.

You see, I started BHappy out of my kitchen as a lifeline for myself. I was a young mother of three children (ages 4 and younger), in desperate need of a creative outlet and escape from the everyday reality of diapers, tears, and overall monotony.

“Candle drop-off Day” gave me a reason to get dressed and put make-up on. It gave me purpose again. It meant I was going to have an interaction with an adult other than my husband, and that was worth celebrating! I felt a great rush of energy for the opportunity of building a connection with someone—through the BHappy products—and for the chance to spread the happiness that I felt, to them.

BHappy is about anything but candles. Rather, it’s what the candle-making process represents and how it empowered me to CREATE AGAIN—now that’s the spirit that lives on in our people and products. BHappy is about recognizing what works in your life and then the courage to pay it forward!

May the flicker of a simple candle be a reminder for you to Shine Bright and to B your best self!